Matthew RushtonMarketing ManagerFoodbev Media
In his 6 years at FoodBev Matthew has seen the rise of flexitarianism and the plant- sector from humble beginnings to one of the most dominant and exciting markets in the food & beverage industry. What started as the rise of veganism and the ethically conscious consumer has become a global movement and call for government change as part of a universal decision to attempt to prevent climate disaster.
In the past 12 months Matthew has seen a number of new launches under the FoodBev Media umbrella, including the World Plant Based Awards that launched last year in association with Plant Based World Expo, and the first ever Plant Based Taste Awards that launched alongside Plant Based World Europe this year, with the awards ceremony taking place at Plant Based World Europe on Friday October 15th on the Finnebrogue stand. Matthew also oversaw the launch of the new industry title The Plant Base, which is presenting this talk and is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to offering innovation & insight for the b2b food & beverage industry. Copies of The Plant Base will be available via the media points at PBWE.
For Matthew, as someone who opts for a flexitarian diet himself, he is heading the discussion the rise of flexitarianism and why manufacturers, distributors and the hospitality sector should all be really considering this growing portion of the population that is reducing the amount of meat consumed, without necessarily adopting a vegan lifestyle. With a vegan partner he does have one question, and that is simply: Does the rise of flexitarianism, and marketing around it provide a new set of challenges for those companies that are moving away from a vegan target audience?