Camilla FayedFounderFarmacy
Serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Camilla Fayed, was inspired to create Farmacy after  having personally experienced the powerful and healing benefits of a plant-based diet. As  Hippocrates before her, Camilla champions the notion that food is medicine.  
Founded in April 2016, Farmacy’s flagship Notting Hill restaurant, with its impressive interiors, is renowned for its innovative and delicious organic dishes; while the bar is celebrated for its  vast selection of biodynamic wines and refined-sugar-free cocktails. Unsurprisingly, Farmacy  is widely regarded as the ‘friendly face’ of plant-based eating in London. 
Camilla’s passion for sustainable farming, regenerative agriculture and biodynamics led to her  establishing her own farm on a plot of land in Kent. The Demeter-certified farm supplies  Farmacy restaurant with an abundance of vegetables, fruits and herbs – delivered to the  restaurant in an electric van.