David MulcahyFood Innovation & Sustainability DirectorSodexo UK & Ireland
A highly respected individual with a wealth of industry experience, David has recently taken on the role of Culinary Ambassador for Sodexo UK & Ireland. 
In addition to representing Sodexo externally his remit includes enhancing the reputation and recognition of Sodexo within the wider market-place and the hospitality industry. Together with his team he strives to drive and support initiatives involving food strategy, sustainability, chef development and engagement across the business. David is active in promoting catering industry standards and was past national chairman, and current vice President of the Craft Guild of Chefs, the largest Chefs Association in the UK. 
A highly experienced chef, David has gained numerous awards on the national and international stage, including winning Culinary Olympic and World Cup Gold medals both as an individual and representing the UK National Culinary Team. 
David is widely recognised as coordinator of many of the UK’s leading competitions and events, including The UK National Chef of the Year, Young National Chef of the Year, The Craft Guild of Chefs Awards, FutureChef and many more. 
Also in recently David has hosted a number of seminars including Make Yourself at Home with expert panels sharing tips on healthy eating and a live Q&A as well as an all-female panel discussing the female chef perspectives on all things culinary. He has set up a forum to train chefs on creating food video and filming, advice workshops from experts in food photography, entering chef competitions and competing for success. 
David continues to bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to his role with an endless desire to improve the industry he works in through his actions.