Eleanor HatfieldStrategic Copywriter and Brand ThinkerWords & Wisdom
Eleanor is a design thinking writer, award winning copywriter and global expert in strategic brand language, storytelling and tone of voice. With 20 years experience creating compelling, purposeful brand narratives, naming and brand articulation architectures for world-leading brands, Eleanor has a knack for combining strategic messaging with standout creativity.
Consulting for Fortune 500 brands through to start ups, governments and NGOs, Eleanor crafts intelligent, inspiring and empathetic content across all touchpoints and markets. And with a passion for realising the circular economy and sustainability, she is increasing working in the systems design and social impact space using language to leverage lasting change. Recent projects include ongoing storytelling across Philips and Unilever brands and plant powered, regenerative and naturals innovation.
Trained in design thinking and innovation and co-creation techniques, Eleanor also regularly acts as an expert creative conspirator and ideas activator, unlocking verbal design thinking and collaborating with global, diverse and multidisciplinary teams in workshops, sessions and sprints.