About the Awards

The Plant-Based Taste Awards, created in partnership with FoodBev Media, are a celebration of taste across many categories of the global plant-based industry.

As one of the first of its kind in this sector, these awards are a fantastic way for you to enhance the promotion of your plant-based brand and to ensure it gains global recognition.

Being named ‘winner’ or ‘finalist’ provides a hallmark of success that will prevail long after the awards ceremony and can highlight the contribution your company’s products and team are making to the plant-based industry.


Award Categories

  • Best plant-based sausage
  • Best plant-based burger
  • Best plant-based chicken product
  • Best plant-based bacon product
  • Best plant-based fish/seafood product
  • Best plant-based cheese
  • Best plant-based whole cut product
  • Best condiment
  • Best egg alternative
  • Best dairy alternative
  • Best convenience/ready meal
  • Best pie/pastry
  • Best savoury snack
  • Best confectionery
  • Best dessert
  • Best plant-based ice cream
  • Best beverage
  • Best chocolate
  • Best fermented/plant protein
  • Best breakfast product
  • Best plant-based yoghurt
  • Best deli product


Judging Process

FoodBev Media runs a tightly structured process to ensure fair judging. Four factors make our Plant-Based Taste Awards a success:

  • Jury - The Plant-Based Taste Awards will be assessed by our judging panel of six voluntary experts who take pride in their work ethics as well as their qualifications and background.
  • Professional voting - The voting is based on a set of criteria, which means that even though our judges come from different backgrounds, they’d still evaluate your work under the same considerations.
  • Product handling - Once we have received all the samples, they are stored at the appropriate temperatures (as specified by you). We have professionals for the day of judging, who will cook your products by the steps you provide. Please note, that your product will be served to the judges on its own and without any accompanying items (such as condiments or seasoning). We have established this rule so that the judges understand the versatility of texture and taste of your product.
  • Blind Judging (All submissions will undergo a 'blind judging' in which judges are not aware of any information about the products) - The blind judging process means that the judges do not know whose work they are assessing. The products will be scored solely on taste; information such as the price, branding and packaging will NOT be provided to the judges.


Awards Ceremony

Finalists will be crowned winners in their categories live on stage at the Plant-Based Taste Awards ceremony, taking place at Plant Based World Expo Europe. Don't miss it at 4pm on 30th November 2022 at the Learning Garden Theatre in the Exhibition Hall.


How to Enter

Enter on the FoodBev website here:



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