Apply to Pitch to Beyond Animal Pitch Event at PBWE
The Beyond Animal Pitch Event is taking place during Plant Based World Expo Europe in London on 15-16 October 2021. The event will host four sessions, during which entrepreneurs from the alternative-protein space will have the chance to pitch in front of an audience of motivated investors and a panel of some of the most active investors in this space. 
Attendees will be live in person at the Beyond Animal Pitch Event and online, with the event being livestreamed on the Beyond Animal platform for global reach.
Companies (start-ups and scale-ups) eligible to pitch are those whose products and services accelerate the transition away from the use of animals. The pitch sessions are grouped by size of deal and stage of company, with the final session on Saturday focusing on seeding start-ups.


Meet the Companies Pitching

Friday - Raises above $1million
Swiss company using single cell micro-organisms to produce biomass rich in protein and vitamin B12
Swiss company with broad range of protein rich food products made from golden Chlorella micro algae
France's pioneering cell-based meat company creating sustainable cultivated meat delights
Clean label and organic gourmet vegan cheese from France
Protein-rich dairy alternatives made from natural ingredients of yellow split peas, oats. Based in the UK
Saturday - Raises below $1million 
UK-based fast food vegan pizza chain, cutting-edge QSR concept joining the plant-based revolution
Plant-based ready-to-eat food based in France. Turning the aperitif and cooked salad classics to vegan
Plant-based alternatives relying on an innovative texturing technology cheaper than extrusion, in France
Vegan Ready Meals company delivering the ultimate vegan dining experience across the UK
Plant-based, healthy, functional drinks for busy lifestyles, based in the UK
UK’s first omnichannel plant-based retailer
All-natural vegan artisan truffles, low in calories, fat and sugar, based in the UK
Fermented organic plant-based cheese based in London


Confirmed Panellists

Kanira Shah from Astanor

Andrew Ive from Big Idea Ventures

Brian Ruszczyk from Earth First Food Ventures

Rob Wylie and Judith Camarcat from Five Seasons

Jim Totty from Viridis Capital

Kristen Rocca from Unovis

Paddy Willis from Mission Ventures

Frank Cordesmeyer from Good Seed Ventures

Oxana Kukhaneva from Seventure Partners

Johan Jörgensen from Sweden Foodtech

Jonathan Lander from Volvere

Camilla Dolan from Eka Ventures

James Merryweather from KM Capital

Albrecht Wolfmeyer and Jens Tuider from ProVeg.


How to Attend

To attend, register as an investor with the Beyond Animal platform by completing this short form CLICK HERE.

At a Glance

What: Plant Based World Expo Europe – Beyond Animal Pitch Event
When: Pitches at 10.30am and 2.30pm on 15-16 October 2021. Programme commences at 10am and 2pm both days.
Where: The Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, The Angel, London N1 0QH
Hosts: Plant Based World Expo Europe and Beyond Animal
Registration and attendance: Register to attend Plant Based World Expo via their website. Attend the Beyond Animal Pitch Event by invitation after registration for entrepreneurs via Pitch with Beyond Animal, for investors via Investing with Beyond Animal.
Information about Plant Based World Expo:
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